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Praise for The Quotable Amelia Earhart

“Those who know Earhart for her achievements in flight may be surprised to discover her oft-controversial views on gender, marriage, and family. . . . It is clear to see how Earhart’s own words will surely charm readers seeking insight into the opinions of this forward-thinking pioneer.”-Choice

“Consisting of quotations drawn largely from the last decade of Earhart’s life, the book successfully conveys her sentiments on subject such as aviation, gender roles, women’s rights, and the press. The result is a colorful and realistic narrative of ‘Lady Lindy’s’ personal and professional life.” –Kansas History

“[A] fascinating collection of wise and witty words. . . . Highly recommended.”-American Reference Books Annual

“[Earhart’s] quotes reveal a practical-minded woman . . . who believed that women should proudly live up to their fullest potential in the workplace, many decades before this belief became widely accepted in America.”-Midwest Book Review

Praise for The Quotable Eleanor RooseveltQuotable Eleanor Roosevelt Thumbnail

Clearly the definitive book of Eleanor Roosevelt quotes. Albion does excellent work weeding out all the apocryphal quotes so often attributed to Eleanor Roosevelt, giving us only the real thing.-Christy Regenhardt, associate editor of The Eleanor Roosevelt Papers, Vol 2

Credit Albion with the trademark courage of her esteemed subject–this quotation collection begins with Eleanor carping, “It has always seemed to me very unwise to quote people after they are dead.” Gauntlet thrown, Albion, author of similar compilations on Thomas Edison and Henry Ford, goes on to organize Roosevelt’s key sayings by subject, including government, race, gender, work, and more. Albion’s overall introduction as well as setups to each section fill in the biographical picture, as does her front-of-book chronology and judicious dating of each quote cited. VERDICT: a pithy peek into the thoughts of this influential first lady. –Library Journal

Eleanor Roosevelt remains a compelling and interesting person, and these quotes give her greater voice. –Kenneth Bindas, author of Remembering the Great Depression in the Rural South

“Albion has created a portrait of one of America’s most influential women and memorable voices.” –Seacoast Online

Praise for The Quotable Henry Ford
Quotable Ford Thumbnail

Winner of the Henry Ford Heritage Association Book Award.

Henry Ford Award Albion receiving the Henry Ford Heritage Association Award from Henry Ford III

“…a great addition to the library of anyone who is a Ford fan or who has made a study of the life of Henry Ford. –Antique Automobile

“The Quotable Henry Ford is a collection of snippets from the audacious, brilliant, and enormously successful inventor’s mind, with his unique ideas on education, business practice, race, politics and other topics.  An even-handed approach with photography throughout, for those who want a better look at this lauded and condemned mind.  The Quotable Henry Ford is not to be missed.” –The Midwest Book Review

An illuminating collection of quotes, offering new insights on Henry Ford’s sweeping achievements as one of America’s greatest industrialists. His pithy perspectives will remain an inspiration well into the twenty-first century. –Sarah Miller Caldicott, great-grandniece of Thomas Edison, coauthor of Innovate Like Edison and author of Midnight Lunch

Provides unique insight into Henry Ford’s uneven mind, a mind that both shaped and reflected early twentieth-century American life. Albion’s clear, concise introductions to each chapter help the reader place Ford’s words in proper and helpful context. –Kevin Borg, author of Auto Mechanics: Technology and Expertise in Twentieth Century America

Helps us to understand something of Ford’s influence through this extremely interesting selection of his statements on a range of topics.¯Paul Israel, director of the Thomas A. Edison Papers at Rutgers University

The Quotable Henry Ford is an entertaining and engaging little book. …Recommended.” –Choice, Current Reviews for Academic Libraries

Praise for The Quotable Edison Quotable Edison Thumbnail

The Quotable Edison is a must for anyone who enjoys reading about one of the sharpest minds in history.” –The Midwest Book Review

Michele Albion gives us a treat by carefully peeling back time and history to expose Thomas Edison’s complex and beautiful natural wood grain. Here we see the many Edison quotes she has painstakingly gleaned and documented from an immense public literature, to place him nicely in his time. You will laugh, ponder, and ruminate about the great man and his views; and his observations about life, technology and the future. It certainly is an interesting read. John P. Keegan, president and chair of the Charles Edison Fund, Edison Innovation Foundation

Steers every reader toward success in the Innovation Age. Complete with references and context, this indispensable guide reveals priceless insights from America’s greatest innovator. It will be a daily companion for my work.-Sarah Miller Caldicott, great grandniece of Thomas Edison and coauthor of Innovate Like Edison

Edison dispensed his opinions on every topic from microbes to the meaning of life.-”Thomas Graham, author of Flagler’s St. Augustine Hotels

In times when the phrase techno-wizard means the latest Web sensation, the greatest wizard of them all comes to life again in this collection of Thomas Edison’s own words.-Joy Wallace Dickinson, author of Remembering Orlando: Tales from Elvis to Disney

Praise for The Florida Life of Thomas EdisonFlorida Life of Thomas Edison Thumbnail

Winner of the 2009 Patrick Rembert Award.

“Albion, former curator of the Edison and Ford Winter Estates, writes with an eye for extraordinary as well as ordinary details, from the difficult task of lighting Fort Myers in the late 1880s to family expeditions up the Caloosahatchee River and into the Everglades.” -”Publishers Weekly

“Far from being mere tourists, the Edisons were longtime and active members of the Fort Myers community. Albion richly details his life in Florida, enriching our understanding of his relationship with people outside of his labs. Always sensitive to Edison as a human being, she reveals how his time in Fort Myers was increasingly central to Edison’s life.” -”Howard Segal, author of Recasting the Machine Age: Henry Ford’s Village Industries

“Finally, a smart but highly readable account of one of Florida’s most famous snowbird couples! Mina and Thomas Edison were rock stars in sleepy Fort Myers, and Albion does a great job re-creating their lives as lived under the banyan trees.” –Ad Hudler, author of All This Belongs to MeSouthern Living and House Husband.

“Fills a significant gap in the inventor’s career by using local sources as well as the extensive collection of the Edison Papers to tell the story of his work, recreation, and influence in the city where he built his winter home.” –Paul Israel, author of Edison: A Life of Invention

“Both an accomplished speaker and historian, Ms. Albion has produced a well-researched and in-depth study of Thomas Edison’s life in Florida. Far from being a stuffy academic tome it is written in an entertaining and informative style for the general reader and scholar alike. I have seen other books on this subject and it is far and away the best study of Edison’s life in Florida to date.” –Duane Shaffer, author of Men of Granite

“Albion paints a highly personal portrait of daily activities in the Edison home, including tarpon fishing, Model T expeditions into the Everglades, research with tropical plants, and a visit by the President of the United States.” -”Thomas Graham, author of Flagler’s St. Augustine Hotels

Featured among the “New Scholarly Books” in The Chronicle of Higher Education

“For anyone with a penchant for Florida…The Florida Life of Thomas Edison is an absolute must.  Rather than a dry, lofty tome, this book is a charming and factual tale of an incredibly gifted and unique individual.  While it reads much like fiction, it is a truly biographical account of Edison’s many years in Southwest Florida.” –Linda Fasulo, WGCU

“Albion’s work is a humanizing story about a man often viewed as being flawless. He was a good man with a powerful mission and an ultimate destiny. Often times driven by what seems like superhuman desire to fulfill the promise of research and invent incredible things to make life easier, the author manages to give him a simpler persona.” Yohana de la Torre, Chief Editor, Gulf Coast Times, Fort Myers, Florida.